A crack at the gold that Regian Eersel has in Muay Thai was offered to Arian Sadikovic, and he said, “I would like it.”

Arian Sadikovic gained a significant victory inside the Circle at ONE Fight Night 11, which provided him with a significant boost to his momentum.

In the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, he fought the Dutch kickboxing star Nieky Holzken to a draw, going toe-to-toe and strike-for-strike with him.

During the post-fight interview, he addressed the topic of what he will be focusing on in the future after the competition, during which he had just emerged victorious with his hand raised as a result of a unanimous decision.

After losing to Regian Eersel for the lightweight kickboxing world championship in the past, Sadikovic was able to get back on track with a victory over Holzken. This victory over Holzken was a rebound victory for Sadikovic.

After their match, which was the most recent defense of the lightweight kickboxing crown, the champion, Eersel, has since shifted his focus to Muay Thai and won the Muay Thai championship at ONE on Prime Video 3 in 2017. This fight was the most recent defense of the lightweight kickboxing crown.

Once again, the two men competed against one another on the same card, with Eersel successfully defending his Muay Thai title in the main event by finishing Dmitry Menshikov in the first round.

With ‘The Immortal’ currently sitting atop two divisions and having dominant runs in each, he is facing challengers from all directions, and Arian Sadikovic is eager to run it back with the world champion regardless of the system that is in place.

In the interview he gave after the fight, he discussed the possibility of fighting the champion in Muay Thai this time around if the opportunity presents itself:

“However, if he [continues to] prevail in Muay Thai, then we may also compete in Muay Thai. I would enjoy it.”
Watch the complete post-fight interview by clicking the following link:

North American viewers may watch the entirety of ONE Fight Night 11 for free by taking advantage of the free replay that is now being offered on Prime Video.

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