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5 reasons why it might be time for Derrick Lewis to hang up his gloves


One of the most adored UFC heavyweight competitors in recent memory is Derrick Lewis. Fans have many good reasons to think highly of him. First off, “The Black Beast” is a power puncher with a record-breaking number of knockouts in the history of the promotion. Nothing excites spectators more than watching a fighter knock out a rival.

The former UFC title contender’s knockouts have garnered him a lot of support, but so has his sense of humour. His frequently replayed post-fight interview at UFC 229 will always be remembered. Alexander Volkov cut a promo for the ages after flatlining with 11 seconds left in the fight he was clearly losing.

Unfortunately, “The Black Beast” hasn’t had much luck lately in the octagon. Sergey Spivak choked him out, and he lost for the third time in a row. Derrick Lewis may want to think about hanging up his gloves now that Dana White has put an end to any rumours of his quitting the UFC.

#5. Derrick Lewis’ knockout power isn’t enough anymore

The main threat that awaits everyone who enters the octagon to face Derrick Lewis is one that they are fully aware of. The former UFC championship contender possesses probably the strongest punch in MMA. Only Francis Ngannou is able to challenge him. Sadly, things have changed from how they used to be.

In the past, Derrick Lewis’ knockout ability was sufficient to defeat the majority of his opponents. Anyone who would dare to challenge him to a fight would be destroyed by the weapon of mass devastation in his right hand. In the past, the heavyweight division’s skill level was so low that strength alone sufficed.

The situation has changed. The renowned knockout punch that formerly kept him in the winner’s circle is no longer sufficient. His right hand used to be able to land him a title bout years ago. He is now just outside the top ten.

#4. Opponents are no longer scared of his punching power

There are advantages and disadvantages to using an overhand right as one’s knockout punch. The only other thing Derrick Lewis throws is a powerful right hand. His knockout power instilled fear in his opponents, preventing them from marching him down in the past. He had time and room to move about and unleash punches as a result.

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It also enabled him to timing his blows as counterattacks. However, the situation has changed since then. Heavyweights of today are unable to treat “The Black Beast” with the deference he has come to expect. As a result, he is unable to punch with any leverage since he is pressed for time and space.

Instead, his space is constantly congested and he is frequently pushed to the side. He must continuously recalibrate his range as a result of this. By openly fighting with Derrick Lewis, Tai Tuivasa demonstrated that he had no respect for his might. The same was done by Sergei Pavlovich, and both men were successful.

#3. His defensive wrestling is lacking

Derrick Lewis uses his tremendous strength and under hooks as his main takedown defence strategies. The Black Beast employed under hooks to reroute the upper bodies of previous wrestlers who attempted to secure takedowns, and those attempts were simply shrugged off. Unfortunately, as the years went by, his opposition to wrestling shifted.

The 38-year-old became more and more enamoured with the notion that he could knock anyone out as he accrued more knockout victories. In an effort to stop wrestlers from diving in for takedowns, he started timing his uppercuts. The natural arc of an uppercut indicates that if he misses, his arm is prepared for under hooks, so theoretically it should work.
However, in reality, things work differently. The MMA wrestling meta now includes chain wrestling. This is why Sergey Spivak, who frequently linked takedowns together en route to an arm-triangle choke, presented such a challenge to “The Black Beast.”

#2. His age is catching up to him

Each dog has their day. Fighting is a finite sport, and most fighters do not finish their careers at the top of their respective classes. Every combatant gradually deteriorates with age. The fighters in the 265 lbs weight class often last longer than those in other categories.

However, even 265ers have a limit. Derrick Lewis has experienced back problems for a while. Additionally, as he’s aged, his inherent explosiveness and startling quickness have lessened. He won’t get into better physical shape at the age of 38 than he was before.

He won’t turn 40 for another two years. When he was at his best, Junior dos Santos, Roy Nelson, and Travis Browne were all competing in the UFC. The heavyweights of today are more athletic and younger than the ones “The Black Beast” prevailed over. He is getting older and slower now.

#1. Derrick Lewis simply isn’t skilled enough anymore

Derrick Lewis’ skill set worked well against the old-school heavyweights. Unfortunately, the 265’ers of today present new difficulties. ‘The Black Beast’ is incredibly strong, yet his striking ability is severely constrained. Both his footwork and his jab are nonexistent.

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