How to clinch in UFC 4 – EA Sports striking offense tutorial

The UFC 4 event is well-liked by MMA fans all over the world. People who are passionate about the sport and its competitors desire to emulate the moves of their favourite fighters in the video game.

They are constantly trying to pick up new skills that will help them get better at the game and have a better overall gaming experience.

How to start a clinch in a game is one question that players frequently have. Although the clinch method in this game differs slightly from that in earlier iterations, this does not make the move more challenging to perform.

For various gaming systems, there are distinct movements. You must use the R1 button together with the square button in order to clinch if you’re using a PlayStation 4. The fight will begin with a single collar clinch from the fighter. The player can then change to other clinch positions by pressing R1+Triangle.

The user must press RB+X on the controller to perform the clinch while playing the game on Xbox One. The RB+Y button can then be used by the player to switch.

Players can hit their opponent, get a takedown, or try to submit them after selecting the clinch position that suits them best.

Conor McGregor is not too fond of UFC 4

There are some people who do not think highly of the video game UFC 4, despite the fact that many MMA fans all over the world enjoy it. Conor McGregor, an Irish celebrity, is one of them.

On social media, McGregor once shared a photo of the YouTuber KSI. The Notorious praised the earlier iterations of the game but slammed the most recent one in the caption:

“The @Burberry’s big bad boss. Oh, how I hated those early UF games. The most recent is called garbáiste.”
The image McGregor shared of himself and KSI was taken in 2016 when the two were playing UFC 2. They engaged in a total of five games, with the Irishman winning three of them to claim victory.

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